Shenzhen represents the future and inspires other cities’development: assistant to the mayor of Rome

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The20th ICIF&the2024Shenzhen Design Week were promoted at the Museum of Arts of the XXI Century in Italy’s Rome on November17(Rome's time).

The event aims to promote the20thICIF and Shenzhen Design Week,as well as introduce Shenzhen’s cultural industries to the Italian people.Over100representatives from the Italian Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism Enterprises(FIAVET),the Italian National Tourist Board(ENIT),the Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism(BMTA),and other cultural organizations attended the event.

“China is the largest trading partner in Asia for Italy.The trading volume between the two countries has exceeded80billion USD,and the province of Guangdong accounts for19%,”said Zhang Linxiao,cultural counselor of the Embassy of China in Italy.

Zhang issued an invitation to the Italian people to attend the20th ICIF&the2024Shenzhen Design Week,saying,“Shenzhen is the first city in China to be awarded the title of‘the capital of design’by the United Nations.China welcomes people from Italy and all over the world to contribute their ideas at the20th ICIF and the Shenzhen Design Week,in order to deepen the exchanges between China and Italy.”

“I knew the province of Guangdong in1979,”said Mr.Ugo Papi,assistant to the mayor of Rome,indicating that he had visited the city of Shenzhen in the1990s.He recalled that at that time,Shenzhen was a small fishing village,and everything was under construction.

“The development of Shenzhen is a miracle in the world,because it has developed from nothing to a world-famous city in the field of technology and investment environment,”he added.

He indicated that the miracle of Shenzhen was created by the regional advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,as well as China’s fast development.

“Shenzhen represents the future,and it will inspire Rome’s development during the exchanges between the two cities.”

It’s reported that the20th ICIF will be held from May23to27,2024,while the2024Shenzhen Design Week falls on April27.

2024is the700thanniversary of Marco Polo’s death.Once upon a time,Marco Polo visited China and introduced the eastern region to people in Europe.It is believed that cultural exchange activities will continue Macro Polo’s spirit and deepen understanding between China and Italy.

Established in2004,the China(Shenzhen)International Cultural Industries Fair(ICIF)is dedicated to creating a cooperative platform that catalyzes cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and countries worldwide,facilitating cultural investment and trade.It has been successfully held for19years,covering various cultural industry fields,including Digital Culture,Creative Design,Film&TV Entertainment,Animation&Games,News&Publications,Culture&Tourism,Arts&Crafts,Intangible Cultural Heritage,and Art.

Shenzhen Design Week is an important international exchange and cooperation platform for the“City of Design”project in Shenzhen.Since its launch in2017,Shenzhen Design Week has rapidly emerged in the international design field,receiving widespread attention from the industry and becoming a well-known comprehensive and cross-disciplinary design event.

The promotion is one of the activities of the“2023Charming China—Cultural Exhibition from Guangdong”.The event will also be held in Egypt and Malaysia,including concerts featuring Guangdong music,an art exhibition,a photo exhibition,and more.

The event aims to promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and countries in Europe,Africa,and Asia,showcasing the profound cultural heritage of Chinese civilization and the charm of Lingnan culture to the world.

Reporter:Steven Yuen reports from Rome,Italy




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